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Please contact me via the form below, using the social media tags, or schedule a time to meet.

Organisational design consultation

If you are curious to hear an expert opinion on your current organisational structure and some insights into what you could consider to do differently, make a time to meet.

The meeting will be with Kristin O'Brien, Managing Consultant, most likely via phone. It will be conversational, starting with what your business does, your current structure, and any concerns you have about the way your structure is working.

From here, I'll share with you my thoughts, based on 20 + years experience designing organisations at every stage of the business life cycle.



organisational health check

An organisational health check requires a little more work up front, and at the end of the conversation you will recieve a report. This offering is best for organisations with 50 people or more.

When you schedule your appointment you will be asked to complete a survey which asks questions like "how many organisational layers do you have?" "do all employees know what is required of them to do their job?" This survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

The one page report you will recieve within 2 working days after the discussion will be based on your answer to these questions and what we discuss during the meeting.  It will include an assessment of your current organisational health and recommendations on where to focus to have the most impact with your people.


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