People Operations (you may know it as Human Resources) is a data driven approach to working with Leaders to create great places to work. Great places to work drive employee engagement and advocacy, which are key levers for growth. 

Building a People Plan

Your People Plan describes the people related activities needed to deliver your business strategy and to be a great place to work. We'll start with the discovery phase where we look at the company value proposition, how your team is structured, any current people programs and practices you have, your people data, and what your competitors are doing.  

With a feast of information, we'll move into design. We'll co-create a unique People Plan that is aligned to your business strategy and built to give you a competitive advantage. This is typically a 6-8 week engagement.

People Operations Delivery

So this is the doing. We can break the plan down to bite size chunks, prioritise and decide who does what. This may include organisational design, organisational development: recruitment, talent management, performance, development, diversity. Attraction and retention, reward and recognition, employee advocacy and culture.

You may already have an HR or People Ops team who are on top of most of this. Our unbundled approach will help to  keep cost down.  KOB Consulting can help with the projects that require expertise not currently in the team, or that you are not resourced for. These engagements will come in all shapes and sizes.

Coaching your People Operations team to grow with you

We can provide team effectiveness coaching to your HR or People Ops team. Similar to a Business Advisor, your People Ops Coach will meet with the team regularly to set goals, track progress and coach through any obstacles. The capability of your People Ops team will lift, and costs will be kept down as these engagements are typically a couple of hours per week.