Technology has created a world where innovation is vital. It has also made the world of business more competitive. Today’s organisations will thrive, survive, or be cast aside - to a great degree, on what their people bring to the table. 

At KOB Consulting we have developed a program to drive the People change required to successfully deliver your Digital Transformation.  

Driving Cultural Change through systems

The first step is to understand the short, medium and long term capabilities that your people will need to deliver your digital strategy. 

With then inject this information in to every stage of the employee lifecycle: recruitment, onboarding, learning and development, managing performance, right through to leaving.

Coaching Leaders to create cultural change

Leading a Digital organisation requires a different approach than to a bricks and mortar environment:

A digital leader

  • knows how to influence without relyig on hierarchy.

  • expects, encourages and incentivises failure to create a culture of innovation.

  • creates systems and practices that promote a collaborative working environment.

  • can communicate the Vision in a way that people accept that the details of how it will be delivered may be constantly changing.

Bringing HR Innovation and Technology to your Organisation

At KOB Consulting we have a passion for HR Tech and Innovation.  We are well connected within the Startup community which often gives insights to the future way of working.

We overlay the latest thinking on the future of work in all our practices and aim to put you at the front of HR practices in your field.